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Lettering is an art form that encompasses much of what I do. From paper to chalkboard, pen to paint to chalk, I letter. Each piece I do is unique and very special as there is a meaning behind it: the person I am doing the project for.

My process for your event or wedding starts with a sketch. I sketch on paper in pencil to determine the approximate design for your chalkboard. I do this because the materials for the chalkboards are expensive and it is more cost efficient to redo a sketch than a whole board. Once you have approved your sketch, I move on to the chalkboard.

People often ask me if I use rulers or stencils for my pieces. I do use rulers - but only to make sure lettering that's supposed to be straight is actually straight, and to ensure that serif and sans serif text is all the same size and properly aligned. Most of what I do, however, is completely freehand.

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